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Hi, I'm Mark Rios. I'm a triathlete from Northern California. I don't do triathlons to set records. I just do them to stay in shape within my domain of work and family. Before I found triathlon working out was a bit of a chore. But triathons are interesting and keep life interesting because they are simple, yet beautifully complex. In this sport your workouts are different every single day, which is great because it minimizes the chance of burnout and reduces the risk of injury. Also, in my opinion as of current triathlon is still mainly a science and in its infancy. There's still a lot we don't know. So in terms of being sport, it's still evolving (for example a female professional is on course to be just as fast as the fastest male professional triathletes). But my favorite thing about the sport is that it attracts really great people from all walks of life and of all colors. The cliche, "you can't judge a book by its cover", is so true in triathlon. Never have I ever before in my life enjoyed the company of others from so many varied backgrounds. I'm constantly amazed at who participates in this sport. From the stay at home mom to the 80 year old nun. It's just filled with people of great character, those who will amaze you, and make you question your assumptions on life, reality, and what the human body is capable of.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Understanding Hammer Perpetuem - The Fuel for Extreme Endurance

I've read good things about Perpetuem but before buying it I really wanted to understand the product by studying the  ingredients. Particulary those ingredients which you don't necessarily make your shopping list. Ingredients like vanilla flavoring or caffeine or amino acids are common place in our modern diet. But when I read that Perpetuem contains commercial grade cleaner found at Home Depot, my interest was peaked.

There are two flavors of Perpetuem: Caffee Late and Orange Vanilla and there is also flavorless. For my personal research I chose the Caffe Late flavor since I enjoy coffee.

Each serving of Perpetuem Caffe Late has the following:

1. Long Chained Maltodextrin

2. Soy Protein Isolates

3. Energy Smart (proprietary)

4. Lecithin (soy)

5. Trisodium Phosphate

6. Stevia

7. Coline Bitartrate

8. Chromium Polynicotinate

Long Chained Maltodextrin

According to this is a short chain linked dextrose, also known as gluclose. They also state the term refers to a family of gluclose chains, up to twenty. The "long chained" verbage may refer to a high number of dextrose units linked together. So the term Long Chained Maltodextrin is really ambigious nutrionally. In any case according to this is produced by hydrolysis from corn, wheat or potatoes.

Soy Protein Isolates

There are two Soy based ingredients in Perpetuem. Soy Protein Isolate is one and Lecithin mentioned below is the other. This simple ingredient is just protein extracted from soy beans. Protein isolate can also come from Whey.

Energy Smart

Hammer claims this is a sweetner which comes from fruit sugars and sugars from grains. The process of making Energy Smart maintains the integrity of the grain dextrin enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Lecithin (Soy)

According to the United Soybean Board this is made up of phospholipids from Soy Bean Oil. Lecithin is used to stabliize foods, including margarine and cosmetic products. It's also excellent source of choline.

Trisodium Phosphate

You can buy this at any hardware store in the paint section. I first used it to clean walls prior to painting. It's also used to clean wax and grease off garage floors. But it's non-toxic and according to Fhosphate Facts it's used by our muscles and all living animals


This is the second sweetner in Perpetuam but unlike Energy Smart which is grain based Stevia is herb based. Stevia is derived from the Stevia plant. Per Wikipedia it's 300 times sweeter than sugar however it never obtained FDA approval.

Coline Bitartrate

Amonia salts, derivatives of eggs and soy. Just a guess, but this is added as an electrolyte.

Chromium Polynicotinate

Regulates blood sugar in Diabetics. I could see this being useful in a long course endurance event. Keep the blood sugar nice and steady so you don't crash.

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