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Hi, I'm Mark Rios. I'm a triathlete from Northern California. I don't do triathlons to set records. I just do them to stay in shape within my domain of work and family. Before I found triathlon working out was a bit of a chore. But triathons are interesting and keep life interesting because they are simple, yet beautifully complex. In this sport your workouts are different every single day, which is great because it minimizes the chance of burnout and reduces the risk of injury. Also, in my opinion as of current triathlon is still mainly a science and in its infancy. There's still a lot we don't know. So in terms of being sport, it's still evolving (for example a female professional is on course to be just as fast as the fastest male professional triathletes). But my favorite thing about the sport is that it attracts really great people from all walks of life and of all colors. The cliche, "you can't judge a book by its cover", is so true in triathlon. Never have I ever before in my life enjoyed the company of others from so many varied backgrounds. I'm constantly amazed at who participates in this sport. From the stay at home mom to the 80 year old nun. It's just filled with people of great character, those who will amaze you, and make you question your assumptions on life, reality, and what the human body is capable of.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Signed Up for Ironman Arizona, Oh No.

I generally like to point fingers when things don't go as planned. In this case I was sold on the idea of doing an Ironman. The sales person was Kari Duane, coach for El Dorado Hills Triathlon Club. Before being solicited I was just planning on doing Olympic and Sprint triathlons just to stay in shape. This to me sounded reasonable for a family man. A little play time with the kids in the back yard and the ability of running a few miles without dropping dead sounded reasonable. And then I met Kari. A women with six kids, capable of eating a box of chinese food from Nugget and then running ten miles.

Alright, well I'm not a genetic over achiever. I have two kids. But I was sold on the Ironman image. Six pack abs, spandex, and getting a cool tatoo on my calf of the Ironman.  Plus I could sport the Ironman sticker on my car all while inhaling a box of chowmein. Sweet.

Now I have to justify this decision with some real rational. Part of me feels like triathlons are just something yuppies do now, similar to running marathons in the 1980s with perms and velcro tennis shoes. Now in 2010 we have raised the bar to get that water cooler pride. Marathon runners are a dime a dozen now. Everyone and their mother wants or has qualified for Boston. Now the yuppy bar is set at swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and then running 26.2 miles in one day. Furthermore, in the 1980s you could get by with a good pair of sneakers. Now you have a triathlon bike that cost more than your first car.

Back to reasoing, it could be I'm a macho man. I like doing things that no one in my family has ever done. Lets see, get a degree in mathematics from the most prestigous math department in the world, check. Work for a leading actuarial consulting firm, check. Speak three different languages fluently, check. Hmm... swim in the San Francisco Bay with Sea Lion feces, check.

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