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Hi, I'm Mark Rios. I'm a triathlete from Northern California. I don't do triathlons to set records. I just do them to stay in shape within my domain of work and family. Before I found triathlon working out was a bit of a chore. But triathons are interesting and keep life interesting because they are simple, yet beautifully complex. In this sport your workouts are different every single day, which is great because it minimizes the chance of burnout and reduces the risk of injury. Also, in my opinion as of current triathlon is still mainly a science and in its infancy. There's still a lot we don't know. So in terms of being sport, it's still evolving (for example a female professional is on course to be just as fast as the fastest male professional triathletes). But my favorite thing about the sport is that it attracts really great people from all walks of life and of all colors. The cliche, "you can't judge a book by its cover", is so true in triathlon. Never have I ever before in my life enjoyed the company of others from so many varied backgrounds. I'm constantly amazed at who participates in this sport. From the stay at home mom to the 80 year old nun. It's just filled with people of great character, those who will amaze you, and make you question your assumptions on life, reality, and what the human body is capable of.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 Race Cost Analysis

I wanted to get a handle on what race cost per mile and what races have inflated cost due to their popularity or brand marketing. I included mostly triathlons in my list near 95762/El Dorado Hills (i.e. races that were close enough to drive too with the exception of Ironman St. George), but I also included a mountain bike Xterra triathlon and a marathon just to compare. The bottom line was that the mountain bike triathlon per mile was the most expensive race and the least expensive race is a triathlon in Napa. Below is a summary of my findings where average cost of race is $3.52 per mile for the year 2011. The lowest was the Vineman Full Aquabike and the most expensive is the Avia Mountain Bike Triathlon. Note this is all assuming you register at the earliest possible date to get the biggest discount and does not take into account travel cost.
The first exhibit is order by best deal in terms per mile cost. The second is listed by event date.
Races by cost, from vest bargains to the very worst.

Races by date

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